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The Nose Knows: Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

This popular procedure is performed to treat a variety of nose shapes and sizes. A thick filler is injected along the bridge and tip of the nose to straighten deviation (crooked nose), fill dorsal humps or “bumps” on the nose, add a bridge to flat noses, slim the entire appearance of the nose as well as lift the tip to correct a droopy nose. This area of the face is a high-risk area for injections due to its vascularity. Nurse Meg has specialized in this area for that reason. She takes every precaution to inject slowly and safely as well as educates the clients on pre and post care preparations, so the client receives the best results possible. Nurse Meg is proud to say she has never once encountered any adverse reactions with nose injections, this is a result of her experience, continuous training as well as her conservative and careful approach when injecting this delicate area. Most clients require 0.5-1.5ml of filler. Nurse Meg starts every client with a 0.5ml of filler for their first treatment which can be added to every 2-3 weeks (with 0.5ml each visit) until desired look is achieved. Clients can expect mild-moderate swelling 1-2 weeks post injection. Bruising is usually minimal but can last 2-5 days, in a worse case scenario it can last 2 weeks (very rare to last this long.) By avoiding blood thinning foods, drinks and medications 1 week prior to injections this can greatly reduce your swelling and bruising, resulting in a fast recovery. Please see pre-treatment instructions to help you prepare for your fillers and recover quickly.

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