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Best Halton Lip Fillers are with Bella Vita Injectables

Bella Vita Injectables with Injectable Nurse Meg to provide the Best Halton lip fillers and dermal fillers. Some of the many injectable services our clients can receive are lip fillers, dermal fillers, jawline filler, cheek filler, forehead line anti wrinkle, hand filler 8 – point face lift, nose filler and much more! Read more about the most popular injection services below:

Halton Lip fillers and Injections

Lip Injections involve small insertions of fluid into the lip to create a plump look. Available in half or full syringes. Half a syringe starts at around $300 and full syringes $450- $500. Clients require a consultation prior to their appointment. Email contactbellavitainjectables@gmail.com to book a consultation.

Halton Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Non- Surgical Rhinoplasty is a non- surgical procedure for correcting the shape of the nose. Filler is placed inside the nose to correct issues such as a large dorsal hump. Non- Surgical Rhinoplasty starts at $300. Clients require a consultation prior to their appointment. Email  contactbellavitainjectables@gmail.com to book a consultation. 

Halton Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are neuromodulators which soften expression lines of the face by reducing overactive muscle movement. Clinics price dermal fillers by the unit – our prices are approximately is $9/unit. Treatments usually need 20-59 units.  Clients require a consultation prior to their appointment.

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