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Hand Filler Q & A with Nurse Meg

Why do I get veins as I age?

After neck, hands are the second most common area where we see the tell-tale signs of aging that are hard to mask. Before filler, these two areas were very difficult to rejuvenate.

How does hand filler work?

Thanks to filler, Nurse Meg can rejuvenate athletic and aging hands. Many women are self conscious if they are experiencing prominent appearance of bones and veins.

Hand Fillr Q & A with Nurse Injector Meg

How will hand filler change the appearance of my hands?

By using a cannula to inject filler, the hands can be rejuvenated making them look 10-20 years younger!

How much filler should I get in my hands?

1-2ml per hand is used to give younger, softer and more hydration to the hands and knuckles.

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment with Nurse Injector Meg, contact Bella Vita Injectables at 905-379-8026 or at

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