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Extreme Makeover: Lips Edition

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Lips are the most popular and requested procedure requested by clients. Fillers can be

used for a subtle or more dramatic enhancement. Lip fillers not only add volume but they can be used to smooth deep lines, correct unevenness, sharpen the edges of the lip, point or curve your cupids bow and cover your gums to make a gummy smile disappear (if also can prevent your lipstick from running through lines to the outside of your lip)! Nurse Meg wants every client to have natural results, she guarantees a smile the suits your features and always delivers natural, lips, no duck lips will every walk

out of her office. Nurse Meg customizes a lip treatment, different for every client. When you come for your appointment bring in a photo of your ideal lips/lip goals. In addition to adding fullness with filler, Botox and Dysport can be used to pull the upper lip and cupid bow area up which results in more of the lip tissue to show and can give a wider smile from side to side and more defined cupids bow. Nurse Meg will give you the plump symmetrical lips you’ve always wanted.

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