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   Master Nurse Injector Meg

Owner and Injector at Bella Vita

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Nurse Meg is a graduate of Mohawk McMaster Institute of Applied Health Science. She worked for several years in the hospital as a palliative and complex care nurse before turning her focus to aesthetic and cosmetic nursing. Her passionate career began working side by side with a plastic surgeon. After working at three prestigious clinics in the GTA, her reputation as a highly skilled injector grew quickly. Over the years Nurse Meg has has attended several advanced injection courses including facial anatomy, cadaver injection/dissection and advanced filler techniques. She has specialized in facial contouring, non-surgical rhinoplasty and cannula technique to all areas of the face. Nurse Meg continues her education and training in the field as she strives to provide her clients with the newest and most importantly safest methods of injection. Her advanced skills and eye for natural beauty enhancements, has clients traveling from all over Canada and the U.S to receive treatments. Nurse Meg used her knowledge and reputation in the field to found Bella Vita Injectables in early 2018. Bella Vita means beautiful life, Nurse Meg is ready to help you live your most beautiful life today.

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Pricing may differ depending on the amount of work needed. We provide free over the phone consultations.



Nurse Meg offers facial fillers for all areas of the face using the latest and safest techniques. Areas include lip, cheek, and chin augmentation. Contouring to jaw, nose and facial profile. Replacement of volume loss to under-eyes, temples, nasolabial folds, neck bands & hands.



Worried about fine lines? Botox and Dysport can eliminate laugh lines, frown lines, crows feet, lip lines and neck lines. Our anti-wrinkle treatments can be both corrective and preventative. 


Nurse Meg specializes in nose correction. Whatever your concern you can have a customized treatment to improve the appearance of any nose shape.



Gummy smile? Uneven lips? Prominent laugh lines or smokers lines? These are all easily corrected!

Consider your smile safe with Nurse Meg.

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Beauty Blog

Beauty Blog


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"This young gentleman wanted to relax his muscle movement but not completely freeze the area. This was done with 15 units to his frown lines, and 8 units to his forehead."

"This client achieved her beautiful lips with 1mL of Sylage M. She had elongated lips, that were slightly flat, especially on the bottom. She needed more filler in the centre of her top and bottom lip to give her that nice heart shape."

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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty makes a world of difference on a wide variety of nose shapes and sizes. This lovely client had broken her nose years ago and was left with a lot of scar tissue and asymmetry. After 1mL of Princess Volume her nose and profile symmetry is balanced out, leaving her with a soft and pleasing profile.

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Lip fillers for men have become much more popular in the last 5 years, and you can see why. This gentleman wanted more definition and fullness, while still looking natural. This was done with only 0.5mL of filler. It is very soft and will last for up to a year. 

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Photo taken 2 weeks post Xeomin injections. Xeomin is similar to Botox and Dysport. There are small variations in results but all three belong to the same neurotoxin family. Looking great girl!

This client didn't like her gummy smile. We were able to correct it with a few units of Botox and 0.5mL of filler.

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