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   Master Nurse Injector Meg

Owner: Bella Vita Injectables

Nurse Meg is a Nursing graduate of Mohawk McMaster Institute of Applied Health Science. She worked for several years in the hospital as a palliative and complex care nurse before turning her focus to cosmetic nursing.


Having earned certifications in both dermal filler and neurotoxin administration, she embarked on her cosmetic nursing career in facial plastic surgery. Under the guidance of esteemed Ontario surgeons, she honed her skills and techniques, consistently pushing her boundaries to deliver safe and optimal results.


After working at three prestigious clinics in the GTA, her reputation as a highly skilled injector grew quickly. Meg founded Bella Vita Injectables in early 2018 with 12 years of nursing experience, 8 of which were devoted to the art of aesthetic medicine, she brings her clients a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Staying current with the ever-evolving field of aesthetics, Nurse Meg continually seeks opportunities for education and advancement. Her commitment to excellence is evident through her participation in master classes, advanced injection technique courses, and cadaver labs.


Nurse Meg's passion extends beyond her own practice; she also assumes the role of a mentor and preceptor to new nurses entering the cosmetic field. Her comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and injection methods allows her to guide budding cosmetic nurses, sharing both basic and advanced filler and neurotoxin techniques through her mentorship program.


With a specialization in non-surgical facial rejuvenation and a particular interest in non-surgical rhinoplasty, Nurse Meg combines medical precision with an artistic spirit. Her love for painting and art harmoniously aligns with her passion for helping clients achieve their beauty aspirations. She believes that every face is a canvas, and her skill lies in creating bespoke facial harmony for each individual.


Nurse Meg's approach is as gentle as it is insightful. Her dedication to her clients is not just evident but respected by her clients and colleagues. Nurse Megs goal has always been to bring clients natural results that enhance their own beauty in a subtle and refined way. Ethical and safe practices have been at the core of her work, and she will always prioritize her client’s well-being by saying no to treatments that won't truly benefit them.


Bella Vita has had 3 beautiful locations with the newest location at the well-established Spa in Ancaster which brings a touch of Victorian elegance to the glamorous clinic space. Nurse Meg is thrilled to share this space with her new and long-time clients.


Come follow Nurse Megs journey on Instagram where you can see daily updates, before and after photos, tips and tricks on getting the most out of your treatments and all things beauty: @nurseinjectormeg


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Pricing differs for all treatments and amounts of product will vary. A consultation is necessary for a thorough assessment and quote.



Nurse Meg offers facial fillers for all areas of the face using the latest and safest techniques. Areas include lip, cheek, and chin augmentation. Contouring to jaw, nose and facial profile. Replacement of volume loss to under-eyes, temples, nasolabial folds, neck bands & hands.



Worried about fine lines? Botox and Dysport can eliminate laugh lines, frown lines, crows feet, lip lines and neck lines. Botox is often used for brow lifting, lip lifting and facial slimming. Our anti-wrinkle treatments can be both corrective and preventative. Botox can also be used for eliminating teeth grinding ,TMJ pain, headaches, excessive sweating and head and neck pain. 


Nurse Meg specializes in nose correction. Whatever your concern you can have a customized treatment to improve the appearance of any nose shape.



Gummy smile? Uneven lips? Prominent laugh lines or smokers lines? These are all easily corrected!

Consider your smile safe with Nurse Meg.

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Beauty Blog



Before After 7.JPG

This client was able to achieve a natural looking result with less than 30 units of Dysport in his frown and forehead area. 

This client achieved her beautiful lips with 1.5 Ml of Stylage M over 3 appointments. Building  results slowly over time is the best way to avoid unnatural looking lips.


Non-surgical rhinoplasty doing what it does best. This client wanted to eliminate her dorsal hump and lift her tip for a smoother nose. After 1.5ml of filler over 4 appointment we reached her nose goals!

Point Blur_Aug282023_111717.jpg

A great example of the amazing results from an 8-Point Meg Lift. By addressing multiple areas, this client was able to achieve a lifted, contoured and more youthful appearance while still looking natural.

Point Blur_Mar292022_231608.jpg
Point Blur_Sep122023_083503.jpg

Nose and chin filler is a popular combo to bring full harmony to your features and will give you that #snatural look #snatched #natural

Facial rebalancing at its best! By adding small amounts of filler to this clients nose, lips and chin she achieved a balanced profile. 

Point Blur_Sep202023_083450.jpg
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Come Visit Our Stunning New Ancaster Location

Operating out of the well established Spa In Ancaster


343 Wilson Street East

Ancaster, ON

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