The Perfect Glow: Advanced Hydrafacials in Oakville

Imagine treating your skin with various skin care solutions, antioxidants, exfoliates and hydrating serums, leaving is glowing more and more after each treatment. With 7 different applications, hydrafacials are the newest model on the market. Bella Vita Injectables has paired with head medical esthetician Ashley in Oakville to offer the exquisite, hydro facial procedure. Hydro facials minimize the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, wrinkles, hydrates skin, shrinks pores, treats/prevents acne, eliminates blackheads, corrects hyper pigmentation, strengthens collagen and over time, restore skin health and vitality.  Brighten your skin and treat yourself to one of the highest levels of skin care that you deserve. Leave your hydro facial appointment flawless, glowing with confidence.  Find out about our one on one oakville Hydrafacial sessions as well as bundling packages available at 905- 379-8026 or, email us at

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