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Have the temple of a Goddess with Nurse Meg

Temple Filler at Bella Vita Injectables

As we age, or loose an excessive amount of weight many of us experience volume loss in and around the temple and forehead area. This can result in our eyebrows dropping as well as, giving our upper face a sunken and depressed (concave) appearance. By using a Cannula, filler is safely place in the temples to bring focus and balance to the eyes and mid face (not the forehead ). This treatment can shave years off of the facial features by filling and lifting. This treatment typically requires 1-2 ml of filler.

Bella Vita Injectables provides a variety of specialty services, including cheek filler, temple filler, nose filler, contour, jawline filler, lip filler, chin filler and Nasolabial Filler, Hand filler, neck filler and under eye filler.

We are currently offering temple filler out of 4 beautiful location including Angus, Oakville, Ancaster & Hamilton. To book a temple filler appointment with Bella Vita Injectables, contact us at 905-379-8026 or at

Have a wonderful day!

Master Injector Nurse Meg

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