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Finally Over Under Eye Bags?

Undereye filler is a game changer. Tired of people asking you if you’re tire, sick or angry? Under eye filler is used to replace the sunken depressed hallows of the tear troughs. Fillers can also be used to minimized swollen puffy bags that develop under the eyes. This area is very delicate and needs to be treated accordingly. Because of the vascular and thin nature of the skin, filler must be placed minimally and conservatively in order to get the best results. Under eye filler is treated with cannula technique and is better to be treated slowly over time. Most clients benefit from multiple treatments over 2-3 weeks. Most treatments start off at 0.5ml per session (0.25ml bilaterally) depending on the issue being treated. Injecting in low doses and slow always gives the most natural results. The filler used in this must be very soft and flexible and one that does not attract water, by using a low viscosity filler it avoids any lumps, bumps and unwanted swelling. Nurse Meg tailors every undereye treatment for each client depending on their concern and goals.

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