Best Burlington Brow Lifting is at Bella Vita Injectables

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Burlington's Best Brow Lifting is at Bella Vita Injectables

What is brow lifting?

Brow lifting is a wonderful alternative to a surgical brow lift. By using Botox/or Dysport, Nurse Meg can elevate your brows to open your eyes, eliminate hooding/heaviness and give your brows a natural lift and arch. With proper dosing, this prevents brows from elevating too high preventing a “spock” brow or too high of an arch. This treatment is typically done with 3-6 units per brow. Nurse Meg offers: Burlington brow lift, Oakville brow lift, Angus brow lift and Hamilton brow lift.

To find out more, email or call 905-379-8026

Live your most beautiful life with Bella Vita Injectables.

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