4 Reasons to Visit Nurse Meg Inside our Beautiful Ancaster Location. Full Video!

1. The Ancaster Location provides an intimate, private setting with Master Injector Meg.

2. The Meg Lift: 8 Point Face lift This is a customized treatment tailored specifically for each client. The most common areas include temples, under eyes, cheek, nasiolabial folds, marionette lines, jawline and lips

3. Live your most beautiful life. Confidence is key to success. Let cosmetic injector nurse Meg ensure you are fully satisfied with your results.

4. The Perfect Touch Master Injector Meg loves sending clients home with a complimentary gift.

Booking with Bella Vita Injectables Find out more at www.bellavitainjectables.com. To book an appointment, contact 905-379-8026 or contactbellavitainjectables@gmail.com

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